"No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main"

John Donne

Meditation 17

Devotions upon Emergent Occasions


My sincere thanks and appreciation to friends, without whom this book would never have taken place:

  • Alexandrs Mankova, Sakhalin Island
  • Alexander Gaivoron, Sakhalin Island
  • Hubert Smeets, Amsterdam

I had a different kind of helps during my long and difficult work for the book:

  • Sergei Krasnouhov, Sakhalin Island
  • Alexander Zarchikov, Sakhalin Island
  • Mikhail Pak (), Sakhalin Island
  • Lyudmila Shapka, Sakhalin Island
  • Alexander Verkhovsky, Sakhalin Island
  • Alexander Peshkov, Kuril Islands
  • Artyom Lezhepekov, St. Petersburg
  • Sergei Trapezin, Moscow
  • Konstantin Benedictov, Moscow
  • Kirill Preobrazhensky, Moscow
  • Alexei Agranovich, Moscow
  • Irina Meglinskaya, Moscow
  • Donald Rayfield, London

Thanks for hospitality to sailors of the “Captain Lapkin” seiner (Nakhodka home port), to sailors of the schooner “Star” (Korsakov home port) and to sailors of cargo ship “Anatoly Torchinov” (Kholmsk home port)

Sincerely, Oleg Klimov

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